Are professors, parents, and others ready for college students with autism?

Jan Blacher, distinguished professor and director of SEARCH Center, penned  the following op-ed "Are professors, parents and others ready for college students with autism?" in CalMatters. 

In the piece she writes: "This spring, high school students across America will open a letter — or an email or a post on a web portal — from one or more of the thousands of universities across the country. There will be swells of disappointment for some, and a collective sigh from those who receive news of acceptance. Conservatively, 2% of the latter will be individuals with autism who were held to the same rigorous admissions criteria as everyone else. Are they — and we — really ready for this moment?"

Dr. Blacher recently executive produced the documentary "Autism Goes to College," a first of it’s kind film, packed with honest insights for student, parents and educators offering an eye-opening look at what a growing number of neurodiverse students are bringing to campus. Watch the trailer and learn more by visiting the website here.