Teaching Credential Admissions

Prepare to Teach by Earning a Non-Degree Teaching Credential or M.Ed. With Teaching Emphasis

At almost any point in your career, you can enter the UCR Graduate School of Education and add a teaching credential to your résumé. Choose either the post-baccalaureate teacher credential-only (non-degree) program or you may want to consider also earning a Master of Education degree (M.Ed.) with Teaching Emphasis. Choices are described below along with what you need to do to apply for these programs.

Teaching Credential (non-degree)

Even if you've been out of the academic world for many years, you can still apply to enter UCR's post-baccalaureate non-degree Teaching Credential program and prepare to teach. Choose from the following non-degree options:

  • Multiple Subject Credential – for those interested in teaching at the elementary level
  • Single Subject Credential – for those who want to teach specific subjects at the middle school or high school level
  • Education Specialist Credential - for those interested in teaching students with disabilities and special learning needs.

Master of Education with Teaching Credential

Choose from two potential Master of Education (M.Ed.) options if you are interested in earning a graduate degree with a teaching credential:

  • M.Ed. General Education with Teaching Emphasis – for those interested in using educational theory and research as well as technology to enhance their teaching. You complete the program in 12 months. The M.Ed. degree is combined concurrently with either the single subject or multiple subject credential.

  • M.Ed. Special Education with Education Specialist Credential – for those who want to become caring, well-informed teachers of exceptional students. The program awards both a special education credential and a M.Ed. degree. Earn dual credentials in Mild/Moderate Disabilities and Moderate/Severe Disabilities. Earn your degree and dual credentials in 5 quarters.

Program Dates and Tuition Information

Program and Instruction begins: June 2018 with the beginning of Summer Session A

2017-2018 Program Tuition Fees: Academic Year Quarterly Tuition & Summer Session Fees

Information Session

Reserve a seat to attend one of our upcoming Teacher Education Program Admission and Information sessions.

Summer 2019 Application Deadline Summary Chart

Program Begin Accepting Applications Priority Deadline for Submitting Application Final Deadline For Submitting Application
Teacher Credential Programs September 17, 2018 January 18, 2019 March 22, 2019

Application Requirements

Prior to entering a Teacher Credential program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.
  • A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0, which is calculated on the last 90 units of your undergraduate record.
  • Official degree-posted transcript(s)
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Complete application

In addition, all California Educator Preparation programs require verification of the following documentation:
(Note: All exam scores must be officially submitted to UC Riverside)

  1. Basic Skills Requirement
  2. Subject Matter Competence:
  3. Certificate of Clearance
  4. Bilingual Authorization in Spanish Petition (Optional)

Examination Preparation and Resources

Preparation materials are available through California Educator Credentialing Examinations, TeachersTestPrep.com, and in our additional resources guide.

How To Apply

Applications for the Teaching Credential Programs are currently being accepted for the 2018-2019 academic year. You may apply before you have completed your undergraduate degree; however, it must be completed by Spring 2018.

Applications to our programs are accepted from September 17th, 2018, through March 22, 2019. Priority consideration will be given to those who submit their completed applications by January 12th, 2018. Your application will not be reviewed until all of the following items are submitted:

  1. Application Checklist

  2. Application(s)

    • Apply Now for a Multiple or Single Subject Credential Only
    • Apply Now for a General Education MEd with a Multiple or Single Subject Credential
    • Apply Now for an Education Specialist Credential with a MEd in Special Education
    • M.Ed. Admissions Guide
    • Apply Term: Summer 2019

  3. Application Fee
    $80 U.S. citizens and permanent residents

    The application fee is nonrefundable.

  4. Official Transcripts
    One official copy of your transcript must be sent to the Graduate School of Education from the issuing institution, or you can mail the transcripts yourself provided they are sealed within the original envelope of the issuing institution. M.Ed. applicants must provide two official transcripts from each institution (this includes UC Riverside).

    For degrees completed outside United States, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has approved eight agencies to evaluate foreign transcripts. Official academic records must also be provided to UC Riverside, visit this page for a list of approved records from International Institutions.

  5. Letters of Recommendation
    Our programs require three (3) letters of recommendation. Two of these letters should be requested from professors. The third letter must be from a professional reference. Letters must address your potential as a teacher. All letters of recommendation must be in English.

  6. Statement of Purpose - required for credential-only applicants (non-M.Ed. applicants)
    Describe in detail the interpersonal, effective and intellectual strengths of an individual whom you consider a model teacher. Give instances from your own experiences that reflect these same qualities.

  7. Basic Skills Requirement
    Officially report your test results to UC Riverside

  8. Subject Matter Competence (CSET or Subject Matter Program)
    Provide copies of all exam registration confirmations and/or score sheets. Results for the CSET must be officially reported to UC Riverside.

  9. Certificate of Clearance
    Please provide proof of submission and payment.

  10. Bilingual Authorization in Spanish Petition (optional)

  11. Interview
    Once your admissions file is complete, an admissions interview will be scheduled. You will also be asked to submit a short writing sample on the day of your interview.

Mailing Address:
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License Examination Passage Rates
AB 2086 requires that effective January 1, 2010 all teacher preparation programs provide information on their web site to prospective candidates regarding the license examination passage rates of completers for the most recent available year. This information can be found here. The Annual Report Card on California Teacher Preparation Programs for the Academic Year 2015-2016 as required by Title II of the Higher Education Act was presented to the Commission at the October 2017 meeting.
The full report can be accessed here.


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