Support GSOE

The GSOE relies on the support of friends, alumni and the greater community to achieve its mission of shaping extraordinary education leaders.

Charitable gifts and bequests enable the school to:

  • Offer more student scholarships and thereby attract top students
  • Recruit and retain top-notch faculty
  • Expand research opportunities
  • Operate centers such as SEARCH that benefit the greater community
  • Improve facilities and academic programs for current and future students

You can make a gift right now through our Online Giving Form.

Volunteer support helps the GSOE strengthen its relationships with area schools and improve career opportunities for graduates.

Giving Opportunities

Your gift of any size contributes to the school’s vision of Shaping Ideas, Shaping Minds and Shaping the Future. Here’s how:

Shaping Ideas

The GSOE is a national leader in educational research. Our faculty members are among the nation’s top experts in the areas of learning disabilities, special education and autism.

In our intimate setting, students get to work closely with faculty, learning firsthand how to translate research into real-world solutions.

Your support enables us to:

  • Expand the scope of our faculty-student research
  • Improve our research tools and facilities
  • Increase our field research in educational settings
Jan Blacher and friends.

Community and friends' support helped launch SEARCH, a center for support of families living with children affected by autism.

Shaping Minds

We are committed to preparing our students to be exceptional leaders and thoughtful practitioners and scholars. In order to shape the minds of our students, we recruit some of the best faculty in the field of education.

Your support enables us to:

  • Recruit and retain top-notch faculty
  • Attract qualified, diverse students
  • Host prominent speakers and guest lecturers

The next generation of education leaders must be extraordinary and shaping extraordinary leaders is our mission at the GSOE.

Shaping the Future

The GSOE has a bright future. Small enough to be creative yet large enough to have a big impact, the school is quickly establishing itself as an innovative and entrepreneurial institution. You can help us capitalize on this momentum and secure our future.

The GSOE is the one to watch — and the one to support.

Your support enables us to:

  • Refresh and modernize the interiors of Sproul Hall, a distinguished mid-century building on the UCR campus and home for the GSOE
  • Establish a Science, Math, and Technology Education Center
  • Improve the technologies available to faculty and students

UCR is the place that incubates ideas and translates them into action.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to support the GSOE apart from monetary contributions. Here are just a few ways in which you can volunteer your time to help further the school’s goals:

  • Hire GSOE graduates or offer to be a networking resource for GSOE students and graduates
  • Host an alumni event
  • Host student interns
  • Meet with current or prospective students to share your expertise and experience through Alumni Allies
  • Volunteer as a guest speaker for school symposiums and special events
  • Volunteer as a GSOE ambassador at commencement