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Financial Aid

Find Funds to Help Pay for Your Graduate Degree

Students in the Graduate School of Education can take advantage of a number of different financial aid options to cut the cost of a masters, doctoral, or teacher credentialing program.

The following funding opportunities are available within the UCR Graduate School of Education:

  • Fellowships – Get a list of merit-based stipends that typically include teaching assistant (TA) or graduate student research (GSR) assignments.
  • Education Loans – Receive need-based support based on your personal income (not your parents’). Loans include Federal Direct Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans. Check with the UCR Financial Aid Office for more information about applying.
  • Education Loans for students who want to become teachers – Check with the UCR Financial Aid Office to determine your eligibility for financial assistance. Get a list of grant programs that assist students who become teachers in a high-need field or low-income area, or for military personnel beginning a new career as public school teachers.
  • Education Scholarships and Fellowships for students who want to become teachers – Awards available for 2016-2017 include: Leonard Family Foundation Science and Math Teacher Education Scholarship, Governor’s Teacher Scholar, M.Ed. Summer Fellowships, and San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS) Teachers for Tomorrow.
  • Teaching Assistant – Attend a professor’s classes and assist the faculty member with instruction, grading, and leading discussions.
  • Internships – Gain valuable paid work experience in your area of research interest. Internships can be on campus or based in government or private industry.
  • Graduate Student Researcher – Accept a salaried position assisting a faculty member with research. Positions typically include working in a lab where you will develop your research abilities.
  • Teaching Associate – Advanced graduate students are occasionally given the opportunity to teach a particular course in which they hold a high level of expertise.
  • Trainee Grant – Benefit from funds given to a particular graduate program to support the work of a number of students in the field.
  • Fee Fellowship – Receive funds to pay fees for a single year or multiple years of study.
  • Dissertation Fellowship – If you have completed all but your PhD dissertation, this stipend can give you the opportunity to finish up this important step and complete your doctoral degree.

Questions about Graduate Financial Aid?

For more information about applying for loans, fellowships, and other graduate financial aid, please visit the Office of Financial Aid at 2106 Student Services Building, Riverside, CA 92521 or call (951) 827-3878.