Graduate School of Education - Staff

The GSOE staff is integral to the school's three-fold focus on research, instruction and service.

From the dean's office to student services, we are committed to serving our students and providing them with every opportunity to succeed in the lab, the classroom and in the field.

Office of the Dean — Sproul 1207

Dean Thomas Smith Thomas Smith, Dean
(951) 827-5802
Keith Widaman Keith Widaman, Associate Dean
(951) 827-2895
Sally Tavizon Sally Tavizon, Assistant Dean & Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
(951) 827-6280
Deanna Wheeler Deanna Wheeler, Executive Assistant To the Dean
(951) 827-5802
Janet Harshman Janet Harshman, Academic Personnel Analyst
(951) 827-5828
Clyde Derrick Clyde Derrick, Director of Development
(951) 827-6388
Samantha Jobelius-Morrison Samantha Jobelius-Morrison, Academic Program and Development Analyst
(951) 827-1493
Julie Porter Julie Porter, Director of Marketing & Communications
(951) 827-5945

Graduate Programs Office - 1207 Sproul

Heather Killeen Heather Killeen, Graduate Program Coordinator
(951) 827-6362
Judy Ta Judy Ta, Student Assistant

Business Office — Sproul 1223

Alison Rodriguez Alison Rodriguez, Financial and Operations Manager
(951) 827-5908
Lally Toledo Lally Toledo, Staff Personnel Analyst
(951) 827-5840
Karen Naples Karen Naples, Purchasing Assistant
(951) 827-5976
Jennifer Talbot Jennifer Talbot, Contracts and Grants Analyst
(951) 827-2605
Beth Tamayose Beth Tamayose, Grants Facilitator
(951) 827-2317

Information Technology Office — Sproul 1353

Robert Wolfer Robert W. Wolfer, Information Technology Manager
(951) 827-5234
Veronica Ramirez Veronica Ramirez, Business Technology Support Analyst
(951) 827-4407
Immanuel Chu Immanuel Chu, Student-Faculty Profiles and Web Support

Teacher Education Programs — Sproul 1124

JerMara Welch JerMara Welch, Assistant Dean and Director of Teacher Education
(951) 827-5225
Omar Safie Omar Safie, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Assessment
(951) 827-7047
Leticia Singh Leticia Singh, Credential Analyst
(951) 827-5227
Alex Arriaga Alex Arriaga, Admissions Advisor
(951) 827-3891
Liliana Aguayo Liliana Aguayo, Pre-Professional Education Advisor
(951) 827-5850
Lina Hanna Lina Hanna, Admissions Advisor
(951) 827-5225
Frances Valdovinos Frances Valdovinos, Admissions Advisor
(951) 827-7043
Hailey Vernon Hailey Vernon, Teacher Education Program Assistant
Cristian Villa Talavera Cristian Villa Talavera, Student Assistant

Melissa Vargas Melissa Vargas, Student Assistant