Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics (REMS) Master Degree California

Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics (REMS) MA

Prepare for a Career in One of Education’s Fastest Growing Fields

Data has always played a central role in research but is taking an increasingly significant role in informing educational policies and practices. This emphasis on data-driven decision making has spawned high demand for qualified data analysts, institutional researchers, and program assessment and evaluation specialists. School districts throughout Southern California typically employ a team of analysts to measure, evaluate, and analyze performance data using proven quantitative methods and these departments are growing rapidly.

The University of California, Riverside Education master’s degree with a concentration in research, evaluation, measurement, and statistics prepares graduates for entry in this thriving field of education that includes opportunities in both the public and private sector. It also provides excellent preparation for Ph.D. programs in Education and the social sciences. The graduate program is an excellent opportunity for teachers, school administrators, recent college graduates, and those with a background in quantitative areas to enhance their professional credentials and prepare to enter one of education’s most promising career fields. This master’s program can be completed in as little as one year of full-time study and will require internship participation. Working professionals can take additional time to complete the 36 quarter units required for this graduate degree.

Highlights of the Education MA Program

  • Study with exceptional professors who are well known and respected in the field of education and quantitative research.
  • Gain experience designing an in-depth research program and classroom analysis in a local school district.
  • Complete your graduate program by taking master’s courses that meet in the late afternoon and evening to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.
  • Take a total of 36 quarter units of master’s courses and pass the appropriate program exam to earn your graduate degree in education.

Career Prospects for Educational Research Analysts

Federal and state mandates, such as No Child Left Behind, are making it necessary for school districts to quantify student performance and program effectiveness at every level. This educational environment has given rise to new career opportunities for those who are skilled in the use of quantitative research methods that you will gain through the UCR Education master’s program with a concentration in Evaluation, Measurement, and Quantitative Methods.

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