PhD Program Overview

PhD Overview

Learn from the Leaders in Education

The doctoral programs offered by the University of California Graduate School of Education are designed to hone the research and analytical skills of those who would become tomorrow’s thought leaders in education. Studying in a small cohort of students with some of the very best minds in the education field, you will form an apprentice-style relationship with your professors, learning on a level that is rarely possible in any institution of higher education today. By the time you complete your doctorate you will be well prepared to assume a position in educational research, university teaching, local school leadership, or other such area of high responsibility.

Take Your Education Career to the Highest Level

  • Pursue a multi-year fellowship as a highly qualified PhD student
  • Learn from award-winning professors who are deeply engaged in education research
  • Develop exceptional research skills
  • Be part of a cohort of 10-12 students working toward a PhD