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Financing Your Education

Making Your Degree Affordable

UCR is committed to helping students identify resources to fund their education. General and program-specific scholarships and fellowships are available. You can view select opportunities by program below, and we also encourage you to consult your program admissions representative about additional resources for which you may qualify. For current tuition rates, please see the fee schedule. For more information about non-resident tuition and how to establish residency, click here. International students may read more about financial requirements here.

Financial Aid

For more information about federal and private loans for domestic students, please refer to the Financial Aid office.
For information on summer financial aid, visit:

Scholarships, Assistantships, and Fellowships

Undergraduate:  FIERCE Scholars

SOE is dedicated to building an education workforce to serve historically underrepresented communities in the Inland Empire (IE) area of Southern California. The IE community is over 50% people of color, with a significant Latina/o/x, Black, Asian/Asian American, and Indigenous population groups. Our goal is to prepare and equip undergraduate students to be community-ready and equity centered after graduation to contribute to the workforce needs of the IE.

With this in mind, SOE launched the Fueling the Inland Empire Region with Community Educators, or FIERCE Scholars Program, Details can be found here


Black Community Education Promise (BCEP) Scholars Program

The School of Education (SOE)’s Black Community Education Promise (BCEP) Scholars Program is designed to support SOE undergraduate students who are dedicated to serving the Black community via education upon graduation from UCR. The goal is to provide BCEP Scholars with financial and mentoring support from their first year, or transfer year, all the way through their master’s program in education at UCR. BCEP Scholars will be committed to serving communities across the Inland Empire and/or California.  Learn more here.


Teacher Education Applicants:

There are several scholarships available to students applying to UCR’s teacher education program. Visit our scholarship page here for a full list.

M.A./Non-Credential M.Ed. Applicants:

Master's students are eligible to work with a faculty member as a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) or a Teaching Assistant (TA) for the SOE. While fellowships are not offered to master's students upon admission, the SOE encourages students to work with faculty on research projects either voluntarily or for hire. Depending on the hours required for the researcher position, tuition remission, and health insurance may be provided in addition to a monthly paycheck for the term of employment. All TA positions pay for tuition and health insurance in addition to a paycheck for the months employed.

Ph.D. Applicants

Highly qualified Ph.D. applicants are offered a fellowship package upon admission. The package consists of stipends, tuition remission, health insurance and awards based on employment (monthly paychecks). The requirements for a fellowship package include full time study (12 units per quarter) and employment as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Graduate Student Researcher (GSR), if applicable. It is important to know that TA and GSR positions require 10-20 hours of work per week ranging Monday through Friday 8am to 10pm.

Additional fellowship opportunities offered through the Graduate Division can be found here.


Prospective P.hD. students that are classified as DACA status are eligible to receive a fellowship with a teaching assistant (TA) assignment which includes tuition remission, health insurance and monthly paychecks for the quarters employed. For more information about financial eligibility for DACA status, please connect with Ana Coria in our Undocumented Student Program office:

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