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Community Resources

Faculty, students, and alumni are engaged in transformative work impacting the field of education. Below is a list of valuable resources, and useful information, for educators, students, and community partners. 

  • Guides for Educators

    Building Relationships with Students in Elementary School Grades: Adapted Strategies for Remote Classrooms
    Created by researchers with Smooth Sailing, funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences and housed at the SEARCH autism center at UCR’s Graduate School of Education.  This guide was inspired by the voices of teachers participating in the Smooth Sailing* professional development program, and was designed to help teachers overcome barriers to building relationships during remote teaching. Through a review of the literature, Smooth Sailing researchers identified research-supported practices used to foster student-teacher relationships and student social-emotional development, and re-imagined them for use in online instruction. 

    Addressing Race and Racism in Early School Years: A Guide for Educators 
    Created by researchers with the Smooth Sailing, funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences and housed at the SEARCH autism center at UCR’s Graduate School of Education

  • Community Webinars

    By engaging teachers, district leaders, policymakers, parents, alumni, and the greater community, the "SOE in the Community" event series connects research to practice, providing stakeholders with the resources and expertise to successfully address some of the important issues and critical challenges facing educators today. 

    Watch past events:

  • Community Outreach

    SEARCH Family Autism Resource Center
    SEARCH is the University of California's first family autism resource center focused exclusively on family needs, particularly on educational access. Housed in the UCR Graduate School of Education, the mission of SEARCH is to provide Support, Education, Advocacy, Resources, Community and Hope to families who have children on with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), as well as to individuals with ASD themselves

    SEARCH is designed to help families wade through the school and service systems for youth with ASD. Our goal is to help reduce the stress that families experience in attempting to learn about autism and to access appropriate educational programs and services in the Inland Empire.

    Through their autism screening clinic, community outreach activities, and online information, SEARCH is a resource for information, education, and research in Inland Southern California and throughout the state. Visit their website or reach out directly.

  • Mentor Resources

    District Cooperating Teachers work directly with students in the Teacher Education Program as mentors. Learn more about resources for District Cooperating Teachers here. 

  • AP Readiness

    The AP Readiness Program is a partnership with Riverside County Office of Education designed with two interconnected goals in mind. The program aims to improve the teaching abilities of AP instructors while simultaneously giving students the skills they will need to be successful in college level classes.

    AP Readiness is free for all students from public, non-charter high schools in Riverside County. You must register online in order to attend. If you have any questions, please contact Angelica Sandoval at

  • Center for Athletes' Rights and Equity (CARE)

    CARE offers a variety of research opportunities for students and faculty, educational events and activities, and customized educational consulting services for individuals and organizations. Their signature learning component, Leadership for Equity and Athlete Development (LEAD) Consortium, a vibrant community of education and sport leaders that collaborate with the purpose to rigorously and holistically prepare athletes for successful professional careers beyond athletics. CARE has developed an extensive curriculum of evidence-based materials to teach valuable skills and equity strategies, and to introduce participants to a world of opportunities. 

  • Anti-Racism Resources

    Resources to better understand race, racism, and policing
    Read, watch, and listen to these 60-plus recommendations from UCR faculty and staff members, including SOE Assistant Professor Raquel Rall. Published by UCR News, June 9.

    #BlackLivesMatter at UCR
    African Student Programs and UCR Library have curated a website of resources to help those who want to learn and engage in the Black Lives Matter movement. Immerse yourself in the videos, podcasts, and readings (many available through the library), as well as information about local resources and Black-owned businesses.

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