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The UCR School of Education is a community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and partners committed to advancing more equitable educational systems and practices throughout our region. . . and the world. Together, we can make a difference which is why building a community of achievers and believers is so critical to our success.

Educators are liberators because knowledge – good knowledge – is transformative. We want to create and share good knowledge and we want to help transform the world into a place that is more equitable, more just and more respectful of all. 

We encourage you to connect with us to share your ideas, thoughts or suggestions on how we can work together to make the world a better place. Feel free to contact us at

Meet Grad Student Ambrosia Solis

Arneshia Bryant-Horn

"My study is aimed at low-income, underrepresented youth. This allows students who need resources the most to have access to them. There are some student-athletes that live within a city their whole life and cannot afford to attend camps/events that professional sports teams host. In my study, I am removing those barriers of finances and transportation to help student-athletes live out their dreams of interacting with some of their favorite professional sports teams and players."
Arneshia Bryant-Horn, P.h.D '25

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