Signature Event Series

The Graduate School of Education at UC Riverside engages students, faculty, researchers, and community through a series of events aimed at addressing critical issues facing educators and policymakers, and highlighting the most current research and scholarship of our faculty and students.

Below you will find information on past and upcoming events. If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line here. 

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Equity & Justice Speaker Series

The Equity & Justice Speaker Series aims to engage the education research of GSOE students and faculty focused on equity and justice, and to also explore what equity and justice work looks like in practice. The series is held throughout the academic year, and invites researchers to present to students and faculty in an informal setting to encourage dialogue and discussion. 

Past events:

GSOE is currently taking submissions for presenters. Presenters do not need to present advanced papers but may instead use the interaction with event participants to help refine their ideas and ongoing work. Students and faculty alike are encouraged to apply. If you’d like to be considered, send your name, presentation title, and abstract to Dr. Eddie Comeaux.

    Ethnic Studies Speaker Series

    Ethnic Studies

    Ethnic Studies is the critical, interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity with a focus on the history, experiences, and perspectives of Black, Indigenous, Latina/o/x, Asian American, Pacific Islander and other communities of Color within and beyond the United States. The Ethnic Studies Pathway at UC Riverside's Teacher Education Program (TEP) exposes students enrolled in the English and Social Studies credential/Master's to the principles of Ethnic Studies, exploring applications to K-12 school pedagogy and curriculum. One goal, among many, is to create a pipeline of educators who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to serve as Ethnic Studies teachers across the region, state, and country. To enhance the scholarly and activist nature of the work, UCR's TEP launched the “Ethnic Studies Speaker Series,” aimed at engaging the Graduate School of Education and the broader community with the voices and work of critical scholars, practitioners, and community activists that enhance understanding of Ethnic Studies.

    Past events:

    • Dr. Cati V. de los Ríos Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley, “Language, Literacy, and Ethnic Studies: Mobilizing Insurgent Histories for More Dignified Futures”
    • “K-12 Ethnic Studies: Cultivating Spaces of Community, Healing, and Resilience for BIPOC Teachers and Students”

    Questions about the Speaker Series and/or Pathway program can be directed to Dr. Rita Kohli, associate professor and coordinator of the Ethnic Studies Pathway.

    GSOE in the Community 

    By engaging teachers, district leaders, policymakers, parents, alumni, and the greater community, the GSOE in the Community event series connects research to practice, providing stakeholders with the resources and expertise to successfully address some of the important issues and critical challenges facing educators today. 

    Watch past events:

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