Equity & Justice Research Series

“That's like, a white man's disease”: Counternarratives of dis/abled students of Color at four-year campuses Friday, May 22

Join us Friday, May 22 at 12 p.m. as Danielle Mireles, Ph.D. candidate in Education, Society, and Culture, presents " 'That's like, a white man's disease': Counternarratives of dis/abled students of Color at four-year campuses." RSVP here. 

Abstract: Few studies have examined the experiences of dis/abled students of Color navigating four-year college and university campuses. The counternarratives of dis/abled students of Color reveal that they continue to encounter inequity in higher education. Seemingly race-neutral policies, in particular, such as requiring medical documentation to register with disability services offices on campus present unique barriers for students of Color who often have a complex relationship with the medical industrial complex. Rather than creating equity and access for dis/abled students of Color, these policies maintain institutional racism and ableism by policing which bodies and minds are recognized as legitimately dis/abled by the institution and worthy of access and which are not. Their counternarratives also reveal the ways in which they resisted master narratives regarding race and dis/ability and challenged racist ableist discourses. By centering their voices and positioning dis/abled students of Color as experts of their lived experiences, researchers, faculty, and practitioners can better understand how to support and empower them.

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