M.A. Neuroscience and Education Curriculum

Required Courses
EDUC 200: Human Differences
EDUC 211A: Cognitive Development
EDUC 214A: Introduction to Quantitative Methods
EDUC 214B: Educational Research: Statistical Inference and Hypothesis Testing
EDUC 214C: Educational Research: Experimental Design
EDUC 240: Educational Psychology
EDUC 246T: Brain and Behavior
NRSC 200A: Fundamentals of Neuroscience
NRSC 200B: Fundamentals of Neuroscience
NRSC 200C: Fundamentals of Neuroscience
PSYC 251: Seminar in Cognitive Neuroscience

Elective Courses
Two (2) or more courses from:
EDUC 211B: Social Development
EDUC 246I: Learning Disabilities
EDUC 246K: Research on Autism Spectrum Disorder
EDUC 263: Social Psychology: Theories, Concepts, Applications
EDUC 269 (E-Z): Topics in Education
EDUC 270: Reading Development and Intervention

Professional Development Requirement
EDUC 259: Research Seminar

It is recommended that students take additional graduate courses in PSYC/NRSC. Other courses may be used to complete degree and elective  requirements, in consultation with the Faculty Advisor and approval by the Graduate Advisor.

Plan I (Thesis)
Students complete a minimum of 36 upper-division and graduate units. At least 24
units are in graduate courses. A maximum of 12 units may be in graduate research for
the thesis.

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