MA Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics Curriculum

Course Work
Required Methodology Courses:
EDUC 214A: Introduction to Quantitative Methods
EDUC 214B : Educational Research: Statistical Inference and Hypothesis Testing
EDUC 214C: Educational Research: Experimental Design
EDUC 218: Problems in Evaluation
EDUC 223A: Qualitative Research Methodologies in Education
EDUC 242A: Educational and Psychological Measurement and Evaluation

Elective Methodology
A minimum of one course from the following list of quantitative courses or from courses offered in other departments that are approved by the student’s program committee:
EDUC 211A: Cognitive Development
EDUC 211B: Social Development
EDUC 215A: Educational Research: Advanced Statistics
EDUC 215B: Factor Analysis
EDUC 241B: Introduction to Qualitative Methods
EDUC 242B: Advanced Educational and Psychological Measurement and Evaluation

Professional Development Requirement
Complete a minimum of five (5) units of:
EDUC 298I: Individual Internship

Plan II (Comprehensive Exam)
Students must complete a minimum of 36 units in upper-division and graduate courses in education and related fields as defined in existing programs. At least 18 of the 36 units must be in graduate courses, and none in graduate research for the thesis.

Other courses may be used to complete degree requirements, in consultation with the Faculty Advisor and approval by the Graduate Advisor.

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