M.Ed. Diversity and Equity Curriculum

This M.Ed. emphasis requires a minimum of 36 units/9 classes. Students will be expected to complete the
coursework in three academic quarters. Students complete coursework from the following

EDUC 201A: Research in Reading and Writing
EDUC 201B: Theories and Issues in Literacy
EDUC 203: History of American Education OR EDUC 281: History of Educational Policy and Reform
EDUC 210: Sociology of Education
EDUC 225: Chicana/o Curricula K-12: Theory Into Praxis
EDUC 226: Ethnic Studies and Education
EDUC 233: Differential Achievement and the School Learning Environment
EDUC 238: Education and Gender
EDUC 245G: Inequality in Educational Opportunity and Achievement
EDUC 248E: Demographics and Diversity in Higher Education
EDUC 248I: Critical Issues in Higher Education
EDUC 248P: Historical Perspectives on Campus Life OR EDUC 248U: History of Higher Education in the United States
EDUC 257: Language, Culture and Education
EDUC 260: History of Curriculum
EDUC 266: Language, Schooling and Identity
EDUC 269I: Topics in Education
EDUC 273: Theories of Critical Pedagogy
EDUC 275A: Race and K-12 Educational Inequality or EDUC 275B: Pedagogies of Racial Justice
EDUC 276: Diversity and Curriculum
EDUC 277: Theoretical Perspectives on the Practice of Teaching
EDUC 278: Critical Race Theory in Education
EDUC 279: Politics of School Knowledge
EDUC 284: Theory and Research in Schooling and Social Inequality
EDUC 297: Directed Research

UCR Extension Certificates and Relevant Courses
Up to nine (9) units of coursework from a UCR Extension certificate program, approved by the Graduate Advisor, may be applied to the M.Ed. Coursework must be complete prior to admission to the M.Ed. program.

CLAD through CTEL
EDUC X426: Culture and Inclusion
EDUC 426.1: Language and Language Development
EDUC X426.2: Assessment of English Language Learners
EDUC X426.3: Foundations of English Language Development and Methods for Content Instruction
EDUC X426.9: CLAD through CTEL Portfolio

Education for the Gifted and Talented
EDUC X428.07: Teaching the Gifted and Talented: Advanced Approaches to Curriculum Differentiation
EDUC X428.08: Teaching the Gifted and Talented: Approaches to Curriculum and Design
EDUC 428.09: Teaching the Gifted and Talented: Guidance and Goals of the Program
EDUC X428.1: Teaching the Gifted and Talented: Recognizing Individual Differences

Other courses may be used to complete degree and elective requirements, in consultation with their Faculty Advisor and approval by the Graduate Advisor.

Analytical Report
Students are required to complete a final analytical report addressing a specific concern or issue regarding diversity and educational equity in classrooms, schools, districts, community or non-profit organizations, or school policy at the state or federal level. A final version of the project will be submitted to the School of Education and evaluated by faculty in the Education, Society, and Culture area. Students enroll in EDUC 297 for 4 units their faculty advisor, which will count towards the 36 units required for the program.


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