M.Ed. Higher Education Administration and Policy Curriculum

Coursework: 36 units are required. The majority of courses are offered in the School of Education and focus on higher education, but program plans may substitute up to 12 units of relevant graduate level courses offered in the SOE and other departments.

Required Course
EDUC 248T: Understanding Research in Higher Education

Elective Courses
Students must take at least eight courses (32 units) from:
EDUC 248E:
Race, Meritocracy, and Dilemmas of Diversity in Higher Education
EDUC 248F: Financing Higher Education
EDUC 248G: Higher Education Governance
EDUC 248I: Critical Issues in Higher Education
EDUC 248J: Higher Education Policy
EDUC 248L: Administration and Government of the Community College
EDUC 248M: The Community College
EDUC 248N: Higher Education Scholarship and Literature Review
EDUC 248O: Organization and Administration in Higher Education
EDUC 248P: Historical Perspectives on Campus Life
EDUC 248Q: Foundations of Student Services
EDUC 248R: College Student Development
EDUC 248S: The College Student
EDUC 248U: History of Higher Education in the United States
EDUC 248V: Campus Environments, Climate, and Culture
EDUC 248W: Whiteness, Power and Privilege

Analytical Report
After students complete their coursework they will complete a case study report that integrates content from higher education courses with practice. A final version is submitted to the Higher Education faculty committee in the School of Education for review and approval.

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