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Graduate School of Education


"Educating for the Election and Beyond: Tools and Resources for Educators"

GSOE announces "Educating for the Election and Beyond: Tools and Resources for Educators" webinar on Monday, September 21 from 3pm- 4pm.


A key purpose of public education is preparing youth to participate in democracy and voting is one important avenue of democratic participation. As we prepare for the upcoming elections in November, it is vitally important that members of all communities are equitably supported to make their voices heard. In this webinar, Interim Dean Louie Rodríguez and GSOE faculty will discuss the critical role that schools and teachers across grade levels and content areas can play in promoting informed and equitable voting. Our ultimate goal is to provide practical resources and example lessons that educators can use to teach about elections and voting in a nonpartisan way and in the context of remote learning.

Some of the topics that will be addressed:

Why should we talk about elections and voting in schools?

What are some of the myths about youth voting and engagement?

What are effective strategies for teaching about elections and voting?

What equity concerns should educators be considering in the context of the pandemic and ongoing challenges with race, racism, and systemic inequality? 

**The webinar will be hosted in Zoom. You're invited to submit questions ahead of time when you register.**


Dr. Louie Rodríguez

Louie Rodriguez

Louie F. Rodríguez is an educator, researcher, author, professor, and speaker in the field of urban education. He is the current Interim Dean of the Graduate School of Education at UCR, the Bank of America Chair in Educational Leadership, Policy, and Practice, and the founding director of the Center for Educational Transformation. His research examines issues in Latina/o/x education, participatory action research, and educational equity. Dr. Rodriguez is the author of nearly 50 publications, and has received numerous honors including the American Education Research Association (AERA) Hispanic Research Issues SIG Award for Research in Elementary, Secondary, and Postsecondary Education in 2019, and Outstanding Latino Faculty by the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE) in 2015.


Dr. Joseph Kahne


Joseph Kahne is the Ted and Jo Dutton Presidential Professor for Education Policy and Politics at the Graduate School of Education at UCR, and Co-Director of the Civic Engagement Research Group. Dr. Kahne's research and writing focuses on the influence of school practices and new media on youth civic and political development.


Dr. Leah Bueso 

Leah Bueso

Leah Bueso is a postdoctoral scholar with the Civic Engagement Research Group at University of California, Riverside and teaches the course "Educating for Informed and Equitable Voting." Her research focuses on issues of racial and economic inequality in special education law and pedagogy, as well as issues of access to civic education for students with disabilities. Dr. Bueso received her Ph.D. in Education from the University of California, Los Angeles and her J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School. She is also a credentialed special education teacher and reading specialist for children diagnosed with a language-based learning disability.