New article examines how young men respond to college readiness practices while enacting masculinity

Suneal Kolluri published a new article in Urban Education, “What Do I Need That For?”: The Misalignment of Masculinity and College Preparation in an Urban School.” Kolluri is an assistant professor in the Educational Policy and Leadership department in the UC Riverside School of Education. His scholarly work has been featured in the Review of Educational Research, Educational Researcher, and the Harvard Educational Review. Below is an abstract and link to the article.




Young Black and Latino men face profound academic obstacles in transitioning to college. Few studies have interrogated college readiness practices in urban schools through the lens of masculinity. Drawing on a yearlong ethnography, this study investigated how young men respond to college-readiness practices while enacting masculinity. Many young men were not convinced that working hard in their classes was necessary for their college futures. College preparation stressed seriousness and vulnerability, but masculine intellectualism was playful and tough. The contrast implies the need for college readiness practices better aligned with common experiences of masculinity in urban contexts.

Read article here. 

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