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Graduate School of Education


GSOE launches alumni excellence awards

The Graduate School of Education announced the launch of the GSOE Alumni Excellence Award in Education. This awards program will honor up to three alumni who will be recognized during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3 – May 7, 2021); the award includes a $250 gift card in recognition of their efforts.

"This is our opportunity to celebrate and recognize the important contributions that our alumni are making to the field of teaching, and the greater community," said Interim Dean Louie Rodriguez. "This past year has presented, and continues to present, unprecedented challenges for teachers, who continue to rise to the occasion."

It’s in this spirit that the theme of this year's awards program is “thriving during challenging times." 

GSOE will be accepting nominations for an outstanding GSOE alumni teacher (degree conferred 2020 or before) currently on faculty at a K-12 school who has shown a strong commitment to teaching and learning during the pandemic, as demonstrated by one or more of the following criteria:

1) a demonstration of creative pedagogical approaches during remote/online teaching
2) attention to the social and emotional wellbeing of students during remote/online teaching
3) a commitment to families such as exceptional family communication and support during the pandemic
4) an incorporation of vitally important topics into their teaching which have been prevalent during the pandemic (i.e., social justice issues, health disparities, environmental challenges, etc.)
5) a strong commitment to students and their learning needs differentiating curriculum and instruction during the pandemic, being inclusive of English Learners, students with special needs, etc.

All nominations are due by Friday, April 9th at 5pm. Nominations will be reviewed by a GSOE panel. Selected recipients and their corresponding nominators will be contacted during the week of April 19th.

You can place your nominations here.