PhD Education Policy Analysis and Leadership Curriculum

Required Courses
Core Foundation
EDUC 209: Education Policy Analysis
EDUC 210: Sociology of Education

Core Methodology
EDUC 214A: Introduction to Quantitative Methods
EDUC 241B: Introduction to Qualitative Methods

Research Methodology
A student selects the Quantitative Methods or the Qualitative Methods strand:

Quantitative Methods Strand
EDUC 214B: Educational Research: Statistical Inference and Hypothesis Testing
EDUC 214C: Educational Research: Experimental Design

Qualitative Methods Strand
EDUC 223A: Qualitative Research Methodologies in Education
EDUC 223B: Qualitative Research Methodologies in Education

Special Policy Topics
Minimum of sixteen (16) units or four (4) courses from:
EDUC 205: Economics of Education
EDUC 218: Problems in Evaluation
EDUC 245G: Inequality in Educational Opportunity and Achievement
EDUC 245J: Review of Research Literature in Education
EDUC 269M: Topics in Education

Social Science and Methods Electives
Minimum of eight (8) units or two (2) courses from:
Economics, Sociology, Social Psychology, Political Science, History or Other Social Science.

*Students may also substitute one advanced research methods course. The courses must be approved by student’s advisory committee.

Teaching Requirement
EDUC 302: College Teaching Practicum

Professional Courses
EDUC 259: Research Seminar

Other courses may be used to complete degree and elective requirements, in consultation with the Faculty Advisor and approval by the Graduate Advisor.

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