Student Petitions and Forms

Student Petitions and Forms

Undergraduate students in the School of Education undergraduate programs can access common petitions and forms needed below.   


General Petitions

  • Petition for Concurrent Enrollment

    A concurrent enrollment petition is necessary when a student wishes to receive UCR credit for any course taken at another college institution, including UCR Extension, while the student is in residence at UCR (Fall, Winter, or Spring).


  • Petition Request for Third Attempt in a Course

    This petition is only for Education, Society, and Human Development (ESHD) majors who want to request to repeat a course for the second time due to receiving a failing grade. Attempting to repeat a course for the third time MUST be approved prior to enrollment.  FORM.

  • Petition to Exceed 20 Units

    Complete this petition to request to enroll in more than 20 units.

  • Petition to Exceed 216 Total Unit Max

    Complete this petition to request to exceed the 216 unit cap. Please note, AP units do not count against the 216 unit cap. FORM

  • Petition for Extension or Removal of Incomplete Grade

    The grade "I" (incomplete) is a provisional grade which denotes that a student's work was of passing quality but incomplete to finalize the grade. The grade and units of "I" may be replaced if the work is completed as specified by the instructor prior to the end of the following quarter. When a course graded "I" has not been successfully completed after one additional quarter or by the time the student is ready to graduate, whichever is less, it will be replaced by a grade of "F", or by "NC" if the course were taken on a "S/NC" basis. The appropriate dean may extend the time for successful completion when he or she considers that circumstances warrant it, provided the request is received before the grade "I" is changed to "F" or "NC".

  • Request for Special Studies (EDUC 190)

    Undergraduate Students who have an interest in enrolling in an EDUC 190 course will want to view our faculty and interest website to identify a faculty they would like to work with.

    Once you have identified your faculty of interest, you will want to meet with them to discuss participating in their EDUC 190 course. 

    Undergraduate students use this form to initiate a request to enroll into EDUC 190 special studies variable unit course. If you are interested in enrolling into an EDUC 190 course, please complete the form.

  • Petition to Waive Senior Residency

    Thirty-five (35) of the final 45 units must be earned in residence at UC Riverside. If you would like to petition to waive this policy please complete the form. FORM

Updates to Degree Requirements

  • Request for Course Substitution/Exception to Major or Breadth Requirement

    This petition is used to request an exception to a major or breadth requirement. For example, you can use this form to request to use a course toward your Education upper-division concentration that has not been previously approved. This form is NOT to update your degree audit. FORM

  • Request to Complete a Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit

    Complete this petition to request the use of graduate level course units towards your undergraduate unit total. You must already be approved to enroll in the graduate level course by receiving graduate course instructor and department authorization. This petition is not to request to enroll in the graduate level course. FORM

  • Request to Declare or Change ESHD Major Concentration

    If you are a current ESHD major student and you have not declared your concentration yet or you wish to change your ESHD concentration, please fill out the form below. FORM

  • Request to Update Degree Audit

    Complete this form to request an update on your degree audit. For example, if you have declared a minor in Education, and you notice your Education course(s) is not on your Degree Audit under the Education Minor section, then please fill out this form. FORM

  • Request to Change Graduation Term

    This request form is only for students whose primary major is the Education, Society, and Human Development (ESHD). Students can submit this form if they want to change their graduation term. For example, if your graduation term is currently Spring 2022 and you want to change it to Fall 2022. FORM

  • Request for Course Articulation Review
    We do not currently have a form for this process.  The UCR Transfer Credit and Articulation unit will process all transferable coursework.  
    If you are a new incoming transfer student, we want to remind you that the Undergraduate Admissions Office and Transfer Credit and Articulation Unit will be reviewing your transcript submission. If the courses you wish to be reviewed remain unchanged in your academic records by the end of your first quarter, please contact your primary academic advisor for further assistance.

Change of Major/Minor Petitions

Registrar's Office

  • Graduation

    Please visit the Registrar’s “Guide to Graduation” as well as the SOE undergraduate graduation page for details on the graduation application, deadlines, and diploma information.

    Please visit the Commencement office website for details on the graduation ceremony. 


  • Readmission

    This form is used to apply for readmission into the undergraduate major in the School of Education. Students who withdrew or were dismissed from the University should schedule an appointment with the SOE Academic Advisor to obtain details on readmission requirements specific to the student’s situation. The School of Education strictly adheres to readmission deadlines posted on the Registrar’s website. Please plan accordingly when scheduling an appointment with SOE Academic Advisor. FORM

  • Withdrawal

    This form is used to withdraw from the university. SOE undergraduate students who wish to withdraw should first schedule a meeting with their advisor. FORM

  • Part-Time Status

Enrollment Adjustments

  • R’Web

    You can add, drop, or change classes in R’Web until the end of the add/drop period (through Friday of Week 2). LEARN MORE

  • Enrollment Adjustment Form

    After the add/drop period, all changes must be made with an online Enrollment Adjustment Form (EAF). Undergraduate students can access the form beginning Wednesday of Week 2. There is a $4 fee after the Friday of Week 3. 

    Details/Instructions for the Enrollment Adjustment Form can be found here.


  • Request for Late Changes

    The changes listed below will require the completion of the Late or Retroactive Change(s) Petition:

    • Add or change a class after week three
    • Withdraw from a class after week six
    • Change your grading basis after week eight
    • Change variable units after week eight

    In order to complete a late or retroactive change(s) petition, please schedule a virtual advising appointment with your primary Academic Advisor to obtain the petition and discuss the process. 

    You can schedule a virtual SOE undergraduate academic advising  appointment here.

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