Becoming an intern, where you are a full-time teacher under contract in a district while you are completing a credential program, is an option for you once you have been admitted into the credential program. To become an intern, you will need to submit a Request for Intern Letter of Eligibility prior to interviewing, which is required before you can interview for an intern position at a district or school.

Early Program Completion Option

(Does not apply to an Education Specialist intern program)

As an intern, you may qualify for Early Program Completion Option. To qualify for this option you must meet all of the following four (4) requisites:

  1. Pass a written assessment adopted by the commission that assesses knowledge of teaching foundations as well as all of the following:
    • Human development as it relates to teaching and learning aligned with the state content and performance standards for K-12 students
    • Techniques to address learning differences, including working with students with special needs
    • Techniques to address working with English learners to provide access to the curriculum
    • Reading instruction in accordance with state standards
    • Assessment of student progress based on the state content and performance standards
    • Classroom management techniques
    • Methods of teaching the subject fields

  2. Pass the teaching performance assessment. This assessment may be taken only one time by an intern participating in the early completion option.

  3. Pass the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) (Multiple Subject Credential only).

  4. Meet the requirements for teacher fitness.

An intern who chooses the early completion option but is not successful in passing the assessment may complete his or her full internship program. (Reference: Education Code Section 44468)

If you have any questions regarding the intern program, please contact: Teacher Education Program, 

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