UCR Graduate School of Education Dr. Louie Rodriguez

Dr. Louie Rodriguez named newest endowed chair

There’s an overarching question that informs the bulk of Louie Rodríguez’s research: When it comes to education, how can we make the system work better for students? An Inland Empire native, Rodríguez now serves as both the associate dean of undergraduate education and an associate professor in UC Riverside’s Graduate School of Education. For more...
By Tess Eyrich | | People
UCR Professor Margaret Nash's new book

Dr. Margaret Nash's anthology introduces new voices on the history of women in higher education

It’s been over 30 years since historian Barbara Solomon published In the Company of Educated Women: A History of Women and Higher Education , one of the few comprehensive texts that looks at the role of women in higher education. Since then, subsequent accounts of women in higher education have largely been “an ‘add-in’ to...
By Julie Porter | | People, Research
Yasamine Bolourian

Student spotlight: Yasamine Bolourian Ph.D. '18

When Yasamine Bolourian decided to pursue a Ph.D., she wanted to commit to a program that “prepared students to be highly-competent leaders in their field,” and in her case, engage in cutting-edge research in special education and autism. After learning that UCR was home to some of the nation’s leading experts in autism research and...
By Julie Porter | | People
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