Diversity and Equity M.Ed. Program

UC Riverside’s Diversity and Equity master’s program is excellent preparation for those who seek to support youth of diverse backgrounds in a variety of public and private settings: K-12 public and private schools, university outreach programs, museums, youth organizations, and other institutions serving the educational needs of the community. Through the master’s program you will explore educational theory and empirical research to understand the historical, social, racial, cultural, and institutional factors affecting educational access and opportunity for diverse students, and practices for creating supportive educational environments for all students.

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Program Overview


Some of the courses, based on your selected strand, could include:

EDUC 210: Sociology of Education
EDUC 233: Differential Achievement and the School Learning Environment
EDUC 238: Education and Gender
EDUC 248E: Demographics and Diversity in Higher Education
EDUC 266: Language, Schooling and Identity
EDUC 275: Race and K-12 Educational Inequality
EDUC 273: Theories of Critical Pedagogy
EDUC 279: Politics of School Knowledge

Each class meets once a week Monday through Thursday 4-7pm. Visit our quarterly schedule for course times.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 36 units/9 classes in three academic quarters. After completing the coursework, students will complete a final analytical report addressing a specific concern or issue regarding diversity and educational equity in classrooms, schools, districts, community or non-profit organizations, or school policy at the state or federal level.

This program is available for Fall only admission.

See our full curriculum overview.

Recent graduates are:

  • Elementary Teacher
  • Director UCR MESA Programs
  • Intern CSU STEM VISTA Program

Did you know that your UCR Extension certificate is a direct pathway to a Master of Education degree from UC Riverside Graduate School of Education?

Credits you have already earned can be applied toward the M.Ed. Diversity and Equity program shortening your time to degree. Transfer 8 units/2 classes of the 400-level coursework from the following Extension certificate programs:

  • CLAD through CTEL
  • Education for the Gifted and Talented (GATE)

Meet the Diversity and Equity Faculty

We encourage prospective students to reach out to faculty whose research interests align with their own.

Faculty and Research 

Faculty Research Highlights

  • College readiness
  • Critical race theory
  • Educational equity/inequality
  • Gender and education
  • Historical methods and social studies
  • History of education
  • Language and literacy
  • Qualitative methods
  • Race in schooling
  • Teacher education
  • Youth of color

Read more about our faculty research.

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