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Neuroscience and Education

Neuroscience and Education M.A. Program

The Neuroscience and Education Master of Arts program provides you with a unique specialization and expertise in the emerging field of educational neuroscience. You will gain important knowledge about clinical presentations, social cognitive development, and educational practice. This program is intended for students who wish to acquire knowledge in fields related to neuroscience, and take part in ongoing research and educational practice.

Specialization Overview


Program Overview

  • Start Term: Fall only
  • Program Length: Approximately 2 years; can be earned at your own pace
  • Units: 47-unit minimum
  • Instruction: In-person on Riverside campus
  • Schedule: Most classes meet once a week 4-7pm (Monday-Thursday)

Program Cost

Estimated program cost is $29,050 (in-state)

Out-of-state/international tuition is an additional cost. See the fee schedule here.




Students complete a minimum of 36 upper-division and graduate units. At least 24 units are in graduate courses. A maximum of 12 units may be in graduate research for the thesis. It is recommended that students take additional graduate courses in PSYC/NRSC. Other courses may be used to complete degree and elective requirements, in consultation with the Faculty Advisor and approval by the Graduate Advisor.


Career Opportunities

Graduates from the program may wish to apply for further graduate credentials (i.e. earn a doctorate), or pursue careers in research labs or centers.







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