Day of Giving

GSOE round-up

Congratulations to Arturo Nevárez, a doctoral candidate in the Education, Society and Culture program. Nevárez received a two-year fellowship from the Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity along with a $5000 stipend. In this fellowship, he will collaborate as a co-researcher on a project with a BranchED scholar on transformative scholarship related to diversifying the teaching...
Research Round Up

GSOE research round-up & highlights

Congratulations to Brian Jones, fifth-year PhD School Psychology candidate. Jones' master's thesis, “Supplemental Reading Interventions Implemented by Paraprofessionals: A Meta-Analysis,” was accepted by Psychology in the Schools for a special issue titled: "Current Status and Future Directions for Training and Supporting Paraprofessionals in Schools." The article has been published online as an early release:
By Julie Porter |
Dr. Jan Blacher's New Research Looks at Stress Levels of Mothers of Children with Autism

Dr. Jan Blacher's new research looks at stress levels of mothers of children with autism

Anyone who has ever survived being a teenager should be well aware that parenting a teenager can be no easy feat. But factor in a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or intellectual disability (ID), and you’ll likely have the recipe for a unique set of challenges to the entire family unit. According to autism...
By Tess Eyrich | | Research
Yasamine Bolourian

Student spotlight: Yasamine Bolourian Ph.D. '18

When Yasamine Bolourian decided to pursue a Ph.D., she wanted to commit to a program that “prepared students to be highly-competent leaders in their field,” and in her case, engage in cutting-edge research in special education and autism. After learning that UCR was home to some of the nation’s leading experts in autism research and...
By Julie Porter | | People
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