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Minor in Education

No matter what your college major, you can increase your marketability as a professional by adding an Education minor to your degree. The School of Education offers two minors: Education and Athletic Leadership.


Education Minor

In this minor, we provide students with an opportunity to examine a comprehensive range of factors that constitute the overall ecology of student development. The Education undergraduate minor allows you to take a variety of courses that equip you with the ability to share information with others and enhances your abilities to work effectively with diverse populations in school and community contexts. You must complete 2 education courses by the end of your junior year to be eligible to petition the minor.  

Curriculum Overview -  Education Minor


Athletic Leadership Minor

The undergraduate minor in Athletic Leadership—approved in 2020—prepares and inspires students to excel in competitive leadership positions in sport related fields that include, but are not limited to: sport administration (scholastic, collegiate, and professional), sport management, coaching, community and youth sports, fitness clubs and wellness organizations, and parks and recreations. The structured curriculum combines current research, applied theory, contemporary issues, policy issues and challenges, and practical skill development in order to position students for successful careers. In line with a shared vison of the SOE, this minor will focus on using education as a vehicle for equity, justice, and change in athletics.

The Athletic Leadership minor offers an array of courses, many of which can be taught in both face-to-face and fully online delivery formats. A total of 20 units are required for the minor, including one lower division course and four upper division courses. Students can also complete an optional capstone project with their faculty advisor, exploring an athletics-related question or problem of their choice. Internship credit hours are available to provide students with important hands-on experience only if credit hours and field experience are approved by the academic advisor. Students are responsible for identifying their own internships.  

Courses already completed prior to official enrollment in the minor may be applied to the program requirements.

Curriculum Overview - Athletic Leadership Minor


Declaring a Minor

If you are interested in declaring a minor in the SOE, please schedule a one-on-one appointment with the undergraduate advising office by the end of your junior year.

Schedule an Appointment with an Advisor

Declare aN Education or Athletic leadership minor 

To declare a minor in Education or Athletic Leadership, students must be in good academic standing and have completed two education courses with passing letter grades by the end of their junior year. Students outside of the Education major are advised to speak with your current major advisors for any additional requirements.

If you have questions, please contact the SOE undergraduate advising office: edundergrad@ucr.edu

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