Graduation Requirements for SOE Students

Download the Bachelor’s Degree Candidate Graduation Checklist:
An intent to participate will need to be submitted to participate for this event. Beginning early Spring, monitor your Rmail for instructions from the UCR Commencement team. Deadlines are announced at UCR Commencement:, if you have questions about this event, then please contact your advisor.
To view information on SOE commencement ceremonies, visit:
Actions & Deadlines to Apply for College Graduation:
  1. Submit your College Graduation Application, per major, by the deadline.
  2. Transfer Work Transcript Deadlines: Submit your e-transcript to Undergraduate Admissions ( by the transfer work transcript deadline.
Graduating in Absentia: If you completed all your degree work but did not apply for graduation during your graduating quarter, then you do not need to apply for readmission. Contact your Academic Advisor for guidance and follow the steps outlined above to apply for graduation.

Important Actions for Graduation Process

  • Preparing for College Graduation
    1. Resolve your incomplete grades (I) and/or grade delays (GD) directly with the course instructor. Alert your Academic Advisor(s) when your instructor submits a grade change to help expedite the process.
    1. Update your official name and personal information with the Registrar.
    1. Find the UCR commencement checklist here to help you review the steps to participate in this year's commencement activities. 
    1. If you have submitted your college graduation application(s), please do not enroll in terms after your graduation term. Doing so will void your graduation application. Contact your Advisor(s) if you need to cancel your graduation application and extend your expected graduation term
  • Community Engaged Learning- 40 Hours of Fieldwork
    40 Hours of Fieldwork may take two quarters to fulfill hours.
    At least three quarters prior to graduating, meet with our Community Learning Coordinator, to identify and verify your fieldwork experience, and to clear your fieldwork in your degree audit. For most students, it is taking two quarters to complete their 40 hours of fieldwork (i.e.: one hour of fieldwork per week).
  • Apply for College Graduation
    All undergraduates planning to graduate must apply for College Graduation to officially notify the university of their intent to graduate in the term for which they apply. The application for Graduation is to notify the university that you wish to graduate; it also prompts your Academic Advisors to review your final degree requirements during their application review window.
    After your register for your final quarter courses (1st pass of enrollment window), please submit your Graduation Application for via your R’Web portal.
    Submit your College Graduation application (per major only) via R’web by 4:00 pm of the identified deadline. Please contact your Advisor(s) immediately if you miss your deadline.
    1. Using your R’web portal, open the “Graduation, Grades, & Test Scores” application
    2. Select your graduating term
    3. Select the first major you wish to submit a graduation application. Click on the radio button next to the program. You will be repeating this application process per major.
    4. Select your graduating term, again
    5. Confirm your official name
    6. Please do not close the window with additional college graduation application information. Follow the instructions on this window for your assigned college.
    Double/Triple majors will need to repeat the above instructions and submit a College graduation application for each major. You may need to complete additional graduation applications for your additional Colleges. Please contact your Academic Advisor if the term and/or curriculum programs are missing or incorrect.  
  • Final Degree Audit
    Confirm that your concentration, double major, and minor (if any) are correct in your Student Profile and Degree Audit. Please contact your Academic Advisor if your programs are missing or incorrect. Satisfying remaining units: It is important to meet UCR Residency (completing 35 of final 45 units at UCR during final year) and satisfying 180-216 degree units. Your degree audit will update about 24 hours after any enrollment change. If the degree audit continues to alert you about missing units to meet these requirements, then you must add those units.
    Degree % completion
    1.    Students enrolled in their final courses will remain at a steady 98%-degree completion until final grades are released, achieving 100%-degree completion.
    2.    Students with 99% or 97% or below degree completion have either:
            a.    Holds to clear
            b.    Grade Delay or Incomplete
            c.    Pending transfer work
            d.    Degree requirements to satisfy
    Your Academic Advisor(s) will be working with you to resolve the issues throughout your final quarter.
    Contact Your Instructor for Grade Delays (GD) and Incompletes (I)
    Immediately contact your instructor if you have any grade delays (GD) and incompletes (I) and copy your Academic Advisor in all communications. You can still submit your college graduation application, but your instructor’s grade change will need to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the end of the quarter.
  • Deadline to Transfer Units to UCR
    Students taking coursework off campus must submit a petition and provide proof of enrollment in non-UCR courses to their major advisor for review and SOE Associate Dean approval. If you completed transfer work required for graduation, you must immediately submit official transcripts to Undergraduate Admission: by Registrar transfer work transcript deadline. Keep your Academic Advisor updated as to the status of your transcripts.


  • Eligibility to Participate in Commencement Ceremony
    You are eligible to participate in the Spring Commencement Ceremony if you applied for College Graduation and completed all degree requirements during Fall 2023, Winter 2024, Spring 2024, or are completing your degree in Summer 2024. Alumni unable to participate in their own ceremony may participate in this ceremony.Deadlines and information on the 2023 Spring Commencement Ceremony will be communicated to the campus by the Commencement Office by the end of Winter 2024. You may visit this WEBSITE for details.

    Students who intend to complete graduation requirements in Fall 2024, are not allowed to participate in the Spring 2024 Commencement. Students who are not eligible to participate in the current Spring Commencement Ceremony may participate in the ceremony the following Spring. 
  • Ordering UCR Regalia
    The UCR Grad Fair will be announced by the Commencement Office: WEBSITE . To order UCR regalia, sashes, and other UCR memorabilia please visit this  link. Each color, worn on tassels, hoods, velvet and satin trimmings, represents a specific educational discipline. For Education our tassel is light blue. You may learn more about other colleges graduation colors and UCR traditions, here:


  • Degree Conferral Transcripts and Diploma
    Degree conferral is finalized about 6-8 weeks after final grades are officially released. Your college will email you when your degree has been successfully conferred.
    ·         Diploma information
  • Honors and Awards
    Standard for the Award of Latin Honors

    As passed by the Academic Senate, the Honors categories are based on the Spring graduating class: the highest 2% receive Highest Honors, the next 4% receive High Honors, and the next 10% receive Honors. Only those students who have passed 60 or more UC units with letter grades will be considered for Honors.

    For double/triple majors who have identified another college as their primary college, please visit their website for graduation information.

    Bourns College of Engineering - BCOE
    School of Business - SOB
    College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences - CHASS
    College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences - CNAS
    School of Public Policy - SPP

    For students who have identified SOE as their primary college, the official Latin Honors designation for students who graduated Spring 2022 through Winter 2023, are based on the overall degree grade point average (GPA) cutoffs listed below. Only those students who have passed 60 or more UC units with letter grades will be considered for Honors.

    The official determination of Latin Honors (for transcript and diploma purposes) will be based upon the calculated grade point averages of the actual Spring 2023 graduates and the new official GPA cutoffs will be posted at the end of Summer 2023.


    Official GPA Cutoffs for Spring 2023  – Winter 2024 Alumni

    Unofficial GPA Cutoff for Spring and Summer 2024 graduates – to be used for Commencement

    Official GPA Cutoff for Spring and Summer 2024 graduates – transcript and diploma purposes
    Highest Honors (Summa Cum Laude)
    To be announced Summer 2024.
    Calculated with the Spring 2024 GPA
    High Honors (Magna Cum Laude)
    To be announced Summer 2024.
    Calculated with Spring 2024 GPA
    Honors (Cum Laude)
    To be announced Summer 2024.
    Calculated with Spring 2023’s GPA

    If your primary college is a different college, then please visit that College’s graduation webpage to learn about their GPA cutoffs for degree conferral and Commencement.

    Commencement Ceremony: Recognition of Latin Honors at the Commencement Ceremony for Spring and Summer graduation candidates is based on unofficial GPA cutoffs based on their Winter 2023 overall degree GPA. During Commencement, students receive Honors medals to be worn with their Regalia.


    SOE College Awards

    Recipients are celebrated at the SOE Commencement Celebration scheduled every Spring. Our recipients for the following awards are notified during the Spring quarter.

     1.    Outstanding Achievement Award. This award recognizes students—one from each of the colleges—who are selected by their respective Deans (based on faculty nominations) for their exemplary achievement in academics and research or creative activity, a breath of involvement in the college, commitment to service and citizenship, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. A minimum overall GPA of 3.5 is required for nomination.

    2.    Academic Excellence Award. This award recognizes students—one from each Education major concentration—who are selected by the Undergraduate Education Committee (based on faculty nominations) for achieving excellence in their academics and research or creative activity. A minimum overall GPA of 3.5 is required for nomination.

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