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The Graduate School of Education's Master of Arts education program provides students with innovative solutions to some of education's most critical issues. Whether it be preparing you to serve increasingly diverse populations, devising effective measures of student performance, or enhancing teaching methods for those with learning disabilities, our research-based education programs will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience to tackle real world challenges facing educators today. You can choose to earn a master's degree in one of the following specializations: Education, Society, and Culture; Educational Psychology; Neuroscience and Education; Research, Evaluation, Measurements, and Statistics (REMS); Special Education and Autism.

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M.A. Areas of Specialization

  • Education, Society, and Culture

    The Education, Society, and Culture Master of Arts program equips you with the insights, understanding, and analytic skills be a teacher-leader, or continue your studies and research in a doctoral program.

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  • Educational Psychology

    The Educational Psychology Master of Arts program prepares you for doctoral studies, a career in educational research, or a position of leadership in a school district.

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  • Neuroscience and Education

    The Neuroscience and Education Master of Arts program provides you with a unique specialization and expertise in the emerging field of educational neuroscience. You will gain important knowledge about clinical presentations, social cognitive development, and educational practice. This program is intended for students who wish to acquire knowledge in fields related to neuroscience, and take part in ongoing research and educational practice. Graduates from the program may wish to apply for further their graduate credentials (i.e. earn a doctorate), or pursue careers in research labs or centers.

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  • Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics (REMS)

    The Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics Master of Arts program prepares students for careers at school districts, colleges, and other public and private education agencies in the areas of institutional research, program evaluation, and quantitative data analysis, as well as for entry into doctoral programs in all areas of educational research.

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  • Special Education and Autism

    The Special Education and Autism Master of Arts program prepares you to meet the diverse needs of individuals with learning disabilities and on the autism spectrum. This program also provides a springboard for a doctoral program or a career in research for individuals with special needs.

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Program Overview

Part or full-time study

In-person, seminar style classes

Main campus - Riverside

Most classes meet 4-7pm

Financial Aid

Federal or private loans for domestic students

Department funding


Take advantage of research opportunities with award-winning faculty

Explore the array of research interests and centers

Alumni Spotlight

Testimonial - MA - JudelMay

JudelMay Enriquez '17

"The M.A. program emphasized inclusivity and communal learning, and really stretched my critical awareness of societal and institutional barriers to education. It was very asset-based, and classes were enriched further because we learned from each other along with the professors. It is through GSOE that I was able to hone my intellectual skills and gain knowledge of critical issues in education to share with future generations.”

Faculty, CSUF Dept of Child & Adolescent Studies;
Project Coordinator, CSUF Resilient Families Program