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Teacher Education Program FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pursue my Master of Education while pursuing my teaching credential?

Yes! UCR’s M.Ed. program is offered concurrently with the credential program.


Can I pursue a credential only?

Yes, you may pursue a credential only in your desired authorization.


How long does it take to complete the program?

The program is completed in 1 year for Single Subject and Multiple Subject credentials and 18 months for the M.Ed. Special Education with Education Specialist credential.


I am a current undergraduate student. Do you have any tips about how I can best prepare for the program while I am pursuing by B.A.?
Yes, we created this handy resource guide for current UCR undergraduates. The guide includes suggested timelines for freshmen and transfer students, CSET test structure, as well as CSET test resources. Download it here.


What type of credentials do you offer?

Multiple Subject, Single Subject (English, Social Science, Mathematics, Science, and Spanish), and Education Specialist (Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe credentials)


What is the difference between a Single Subject and Multiple Subject credential?

A Single Subject credential authorizes you to teach a specific subject in middle school or high school. We offer English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and Spanish. A Multiple Subject credential authorizes you to teach students in elementary schools.


What does an Education Specialist Credential allow me to teach?

Earn authorizations in Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe disabilities. UC Riverside is the only UC campus to offer two (2) Education Specialist credentials that are earned concurrently.


What are the benefits of completing a credential and M.Ed. at the same time?

One of the benefits of obtaining both your credential and M.Ed. can be seen in annual pay rate. To get a better understanding of this please visit the school district website you are interested in working at and refer to their human resources page. Look under salary schedule and you will find the structure of pay for a credential only employee versus a Master’s and credential employee.


What additional CTC requirements need to be completed to receive my teaching credential?

(Please note: these requirements are not needed during the admissions process, but will need to be met before you complete your credential program)

U.S. Constitution Requirement (Satisfied by one or more of the following):

Earn a bachelors degree from a California State University (CSU).

UCR Courses: POSC-10; HIST-17A; HISA-110B; or university/community college equivalent course

Pass a U.S. Constitution exam by approved institution:

CSU San Bernardino:

Technology Requirement (Satisfied by one or more of the following):

UCR Courses: CS-008; CS-010; or university/community college equivalent course

Passage of CSET Preliminary Technology, Subtests 1 and 2

Health Education Requirement (Satisfied by one or more of the following):

UCR Course: EDUC-044 or university/community college equivalent course

UCR Extension Course: EDUCX 451.01

CPR (Infant, Child, and Adult) Certification

CPR certification must be valid during entire academic year.

Please feel free to contact the TEP office with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the state certification requirements at or (951) 827-5225.


Application Process


What academic term can I apply for and when will I begin the program?

Applications are accepted only for the Summer term of the academic year. You begin the program in Summer 2021 and continue Fall 2022, Winter 2022, and Spring 2022.


What is the application process for international students?

We welcome everyone who is interested in our program from all over the world. We require official records for all requirements. Requirements are similar to those who are domestic applicants, with certain exceptions. Please see our website for more information, and contact an Academic Advisor at the Teacher Education program for further details.


Is the CBEST required for admissions?

Due to the impact of COVID-19, Summer 2021 applicants are not required to pass the CBEST exam by the application deadline.  However, the Teacher Education Program strongly encourages applicants to attempt and pass this exam as soon as possible.  


The Basic Skills Requirement can be met a number of ways: CBEST, SAT, ACT, and AP exam scores.

Do I need to take CSET exams?

Due to the impact of COVID-19, Summer 2021 applicants are not required to pass the CSET exam by the application deadline.  However, the Teacher Education Program strongly encourages applicants to attempt and pass this exam as soon as possible. 

Subject Matter Requirement can be met by passing the CSET exam or completing an approved Subject Matter Preparation Program.

How many letters of recommendation do I need and who do they need to come from?

You will need three (3) letters of recommendation. M.Ed. applicants must obtain 2 letters from academic references (Faculty/Professors), and 1 from a non-academic reference (ex: teacher or current/past supervisor.) Credential-ONLY applicants must obtain 1 letter from an academic reference (Faculty/Professor), and 2 from a non- academic references (ex: teachers or current/past supervisors.)


When do I submit my transcripts?

Official transcripts must be requested from your institution and sent to us as soon as you apply.

How long will I wait until receiving notification about an admissions decision? Only complete applications are reviewed. Based on your application requirements being met, you will then be invited for an individual interview. A decision is made within 2-3 weeks after the interview has been conducted.


I have one class to complete during the Summer term to obtain my Bachelor’s degree. Am I still eligible for Fall admission to the program?
Unfortunately, you will not qualify for admission to the Teacher Education Program without completion of your Bachelor’s degree. Based on the California Teachers Commission requirements, all California teacher education preparation programs are post-baccalaureate.


Can I apply to the Teacher Education Program even though I do not have experience as a teacher or have a degree in education?

Yes! Our program is designed to give you the education and experience to be successful as a K-12 teacher. No previous experience is necessary, nor does it matter what major your Bachelor’s degree is in, as long as you meet the subject matter competency requirement for the credential you are pursuing.


Tuition and Fees


What is the cost of the program?

The program cost is based on the university’s tuition and fee rate for Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Based on the 2020-21 tuition and fees, the credential only program cost approximately $22,000.00. The Master of Education with multiple subject or single subject credential (General Education with Teaching Emphasis) program cost is approximately $22,000.00. The Master of Education, Special Education Emphasis with dual Education Specialist credential program cost is approximately $27,500.00. Note: All costs are approximate and are subject to change.


How can I calculate my expected tuition and fees?

Please take a look at the registrar’s office webpage for more information about quarterly tuition. 


Are there other program fees I am responsible for?

Multiple subject and single subject credential candidates are required to successfully completion a teaching performance assessment (TPA) at the end of their program. The estimated TPA fee is $300.00. Multiple subject and education specialist candidates need to pass the RICA exam by the end of the program. The estimated cost to take the RICA exam $171.00.


What financial aid options are available?

Students need to make sure they apply for the FAFSA application as soon as possible. Visit the UCR’s Financial Aid Department page for more information Based on each particular student’s package there will be grants, student loans, and some scholarships available. For more information on the TEACH Grant click on the following link scholarships/teach. For more information on the Cal Grant click on the following link

Program Experiences


Where will I complete my student teaching?

UCR makes placements for student teaching based on approved school districts.

Students do not make their own placements.


Will I be able to do my student teaching at a district of my choice?

UCR aims at providing the best student teaching experience for all our teacher candidates and have contracted with public school districts that will best fit our student needs. Student teaching placements will be assigned by our office at approved school sites in the local area. The placements are made to provide you with required experiences with qualified educators.


Will I be able to work while I am enrolled in the program?

Our program is a full-time, rigorous program. Unfortunately, there is little opportunity for students to work full-time during the school year. Flexible weekend, part-time, short-term positions are feasible for some students.


Are internship opportunities available for students?

Yes! Internship opportunities for our students may be available if eligible. For those that are interested please contact our credential analyst for more information and review the following link


Can I transfer credits if I have already begun a credential program at another institution?

UCR’s Teacher Education Program is both extensive and very rigorous. For this reason, not all credits completed for a teacher education program at another institution will be accepted. Some coursework may be recognized, however, you will need to contact the Teacher Education Program to verify.


What is the likelihood of getting my career started after completing my teaching credential program?
UCR graduates are highly sought after throughout California. More than half of our students obtain employment prior to graduation.