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Elementary, Mid/High School and Education Specialist Credentials

Elementary, Mid/High School and Education Specialist Credentials

The UC Riverside Teacher Education Program offers California teaching credentials in elementary, middle/high school, and education specialist in the form of a credential only program, or a combined Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) with credential program.

You can apply to receive one of the following credentials:

We also offer these additional options to your certification. 

  • Bilingual Authorization (BILA) 
  • Ethnic Studies Pathway Certificate (email for more info)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a teaching credential?

    A teaching credential is a state-issued license to teach in a public school. California law [] requires all teachers in CA public schools to hold a valid teaching credential. 

    What is the difference between a credential and a masters? [Cross to FAQS]

  • Why earn a Master’s degree?

    In a little over a year, you can earn a master’s degree along with your teaching credential. There are many benefits to earning an M.Ed. including:

    • Teachers with a M.Ed. earn higher salaries in most school districts
    • The Master of Education (M.Ed.) is a professional degree recognized by employers as providing additional training and theory to teachers with different emphasis areas in our program:
      • M.Ed. in General Education with Teaching Emphasis
      • M.Ed. in Special Education with Education Specialist Credential
    • What is the difference between a credential and a masters?


  • How to prepare to get into TEP?

    How do current undergraduates prepare for our program?

    • Take the CSET exams 
    • Take the CBEST 
    • Get a Certificate of Clearance
    • Current UCR undergraduates here is an information guide, with freshman and transfer timelines. Download it here. 
    • Undergraduates not majored in Mathematics or Science are encouraged to take courses in Math or Science to help you gain a foundation in the content area and for CSET exams.


  • Benefits of Our Program
    • 70% of our graduates received teaching job before completing the program
    • 70-100% of students received scholarships in the past
    • 1:1 academic advising and registration each quarter
    • High-degree of personalization, small cohorts
    • High-level of faculty support 
    • Experienced classroom teacher mentorship (DCTs)
    • K-12 alumni mentor networks in local schools
    • Award winning ladder rank faculty 
    • Yearlong field teaching placement with a district cooperating teacher
    • Employers have identified our strengths as:
      • Prepared for classroom teaching, high quality of lesson planning and teaching
      • Preparation for teaching English Language Learners
      • Commitment to equity and partnerships with low-income, urban schools


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