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Teacher Education Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Masters and Credential Questions

Application Process

Tuition and Fees

  • What is the cost of the program?

    The program cost is based on the university’s tuition and fee rate for Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Based on the 2023-24 tuition and fees, the credential only program cost approximately $22,000.00. The Master of Education with multiple subject or single subject credential (General Education with Teaching Emphasis) program cost is approximately $22,000.00. The Master of Education, Special Education Emphasis with dual Education Specialist credential program cost is approximately $27,500.00. Note: All costs are approximate and are subject to change.


  • How can I calculate my expected tuition and fees?

    Please take a look at the registrar’s office webpage for more information about quarterly tuition.


  • Are there other program fees I am responsible for?

    Multiple subject and single subject credential candidates are required to successfully complete a teaching performance assessment (TPA) at the end of their program. The estimated TPA fee is $300.00. Multiple subject and education specialist candidates need to pass the RICA exam by the end of the program. The estimated cost to take the RICA exam is $171.00.


  • What financial aid options are available?

    Students need to make sure they apply for the FAFSA application as soon as possible. Visit the UCR’s Financial Aid Department page for more information http://finaid.ucr.edu/. Based on each particular student’s package there will be grants, student loans, and some scholarships available. For more information on the TEACH Grant click on the following link https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/types/grants- scholarships/teach. For more information on the Cal Grant click on the following link https://mygrantinfo.csac.ca.gov/.


Program Experience

I’m a current UCR undergraduate, how do I prepare to try and get into UCR TEP?

  • I am a current undergraduate student. Do you have any tips about how I can best prepare for the program while I am pursuing by B.A.?

    Yes, we created this handy resource guide for current UCR undergraduates. The guide includes suggested timelines for freshmen and transfer students, CSET test structure, as well as CSET test resources. Also, look at the additional CTC requirements to be completed to receive my teaching credential and if possible take those courses [link to the FAQ below] Download it here.


  • What additional CTC requirements need to be completed to receive my teaching credential?

    (Please note: these requirements are not needed during the admissions process, but will need to be met before you complete your credential program)

    U.S. Constitution Requirement (Satisfied by one or more of the following):

    Earn a bachelor's degree from a California State University (CSU).

    Pass AP US History or AP Government exam with score of 3 or above

    UCR Courses: POSC-10; HIST-17A; HISA-110B; or university/community college equivalent course

    Pass a U.S. Constitution exam by approved institution:

    UCLA Extension Constitution Exam

    Technology Requirement (Satisfied by one or more of the following):

    UCR Courses: CS-008; CS-010; or university/community college equivalent course

    Passage of CSET Preliminary Technology, Subtests 1 and 2

    Health Education Requirement (Satisfied by one or more of the following):

    UCR Course: EDUC-044 or university/community college equivalent course

    UCR Extension Course: EDUCX 451.01

    CPR (Infant, Child, and Adult) Certification

    CPR certification must be valid during the entire academic year.

    Please feel free to contact the TEP office with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the state certification requirements at creded@ucr.edu or (951) 827-5225.


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