Ethnic Studies

K-12 Ethnic Studies

K-12 Ethnic Studies has been shown to have positive impacts on the engagement and academic success of Students of Color. California has passed a bill that requires all high schools to include an Ethnic Studies as an A-G graduate requirement.

UCR's Teacher Education Program (TEP) is pleased to offer a K-12 Ethnic Studies Pathway for M.Ed. students enrolled in the English and Social Science credential programs. If you are interested in learning more about teaching Ethnic Studies, we invite you to consider applying to the TEP. 

Selection Criterion

  • M.Ed. student enrolled in the Secondary English Language Arts or Social Science credential program
  • Exposure to Ethnic Studies content (courses, workshop/lectures, student groups, reading materials)
  • Interest in teaching K-12 Ethnic Studies (integrated in courses or as a stand-alone class)

Pathway Requirements

  • Students field placement with a high school educator who teaches at least one period of their authorized content through an Ethnic Studies lens or embodying Ethnic Studies principles
  • Being on a team with other K-12 Ethnic Studies Pathway students
  • Quarterly workshops and lectures related to Ethnic Studies teaching
  • Spring quarter showcase
  • Enrollment in three specialized electives
    • EDUC 226: Ethnic Studies and Education (Fall Quarter)
    • EDUC 275: Pedagogies of Race/Racial Justice (Winter Quarter)
    • EDUC 273: Critical Pedagogy (Winter Quarter) 


If you would like to be considered for this unique opportunity and more information, please email

If you have specific questions about the pathway, please contact Dr. Rita Kohli at


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