UCR special education program

UCR Special Education Scholars Program


UCR Special Education Scholars Program

Interested in becoming a special education teacher?

UCR Special Education Scholars receive:

  • $5,000 Scholarship
  • Students may receive up to $20,000 from county service award
  • Guaranteed interview with school districts in San Bernardino County and/or Riverside County after earning the M.Ed. with Special Education teaching credential


  • Must be admitted into the Master’s in Education in Special Education program. Please note this is a full time, post-baccalaureate program.
  • If selected as a scholar, must be hired and commit to teaching in Riverside County or San Bernardino County for 4 years after earning the Master's degree in Special Education and Education Specialist Credential. Recipient will have 5 years to complete their service commitment.

What makes an ideal "scholar"?
Ideal candidates are individuals who understand that all children, whatever their talents or limitations, want to be productive and need to be valued. People with patience, dedication, and optimism who embrace the challenge of teaching those for whom schooling is hard. If you have experience working with individuals with special needs, or have the aptitude and desire to do so, and if you are seeking a career with meaning and purpose, this opportunity may be for you.

How to Apply:
Complete Master’s in Special Education application

On the application, candidates need to indicate that they would like to be considered for the “UCR Special Education Scholars Program.” Candidates will also need to indicate in which county they would like to fulfill their service in (Riverside or San Bernardino,) or if they would be open to working in a school district in either county. Since there are a limited number of awards available in each county, SOE cannot guarantee that awardees will be able to teach in the county of their first choice.

After reviewing the applications, qualified candidates will be invited to interview with Special Education Scholars Program selection committee. The committee will determine the recipients of the awards, and in which counties the students will be placed to fulfill their teaching service.

**In order to receive up to $20,000 County Service Award, scholars must successfully complete the credential and M.Ed. program; must be hired by a school district in San Bernardino or Riverside County; must work for 4 years as a special education teacher in a public school in selected county, within a 5 year period. If these requirements are not met, service award converts into a loan that must be repaid. All scholars will be required to attend a mandatory info session with UCR’s scholarship coordinator, Denise Payne.

Questions? Contact Denise Payne: denise.e.payne@ucr.edu


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