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Welcome Incoming Transfer Students

Pre-Registration Checklist

  • Register for an orientation session
  • Submit your college credit
  • Review your student profile
  • Stay connected
After you read the following contents of this webpage, if you have additional questions, you can email us at edundergrad@ucr.edu by following these instructions: 
  1. Send the email from your UCR email account. 
  2. Use the subject line: First Name + Last Name + Orientation (ex: John Doe Orientation). 
  3. Along with your questions, please include your 9-digit Student Identification (SID) number in the body of the email (86-------).
  • Register for a Transfer Orientation Session
    Register here
    During your orientation session, you will learn more about the School of Education and the programs/services in place to help you successfully earn your degree. You will also connect with an academic advisor to confirm your Fall 2022 schedule. 
    Highlander Orientation is mandatory for incoming Education students. Highlander Orientation will offer 4 orientation dates:
    • Session 1: Monday, August 28th, 2023  
    • Session 2: Tuesday, August 29th, 2023 
    • Session 3: Thursday, August 31st, 2023 
    • Session 4: Friday, September 1st, 2023 - VIRTUAL
    • Winter ONLY: Tuesday, December 19, 2023
    Please note that virtual registration will be held on different dates. In order to participate in virtual registration, you will need to complete an in person session.
    • Virtual Registration Friday, December 1, 2023
    To register for a session or to ask any questions about Highlander Orientation, please visit this website.
  • Pre-Orientation Course Planning
    Each transfer student matriculates with different preparation. The academic advisors will review your records prior to your attendance and provide feedback during your virtual registration and throughout the summer to help ensure your records and enrollment for your first quarter are correct.  It is important to note that the SOE will reserve seats in several courses that you can choose from during your virtual registration. Leading up to your virtual registration  you will be invited to join the SOE Advising 101 eLearn Portal where you will be provided with course offerings and general enrollment support.
    Please review this information:
    • Upload unofficial copies of your transcripts of all of the colleges/universities you have attended to your eLean SOE Advising 101 portal.  (You are required to send official transcripts to UCR Undergraduate Admissions)
    • If you attended out of state or four-year institutions, upload course descriptions and syllabi for all courses to your eLearn SOE Advising 101 portal.
    • Submit your Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) via the eLearn SOE Advising 101 portal.  
  • Stay Connected

    Email is the primary way we will reach out to you with important information and requests to help you transition to the School of Education.  Please continue to check your R’Mail account for all updates!

  • Additional Opportunities

    UCR School of Education’s Black Community Education Promise (BCEP) Scholars Program 

    The School of Education (SOE)’s Black Community Education Promise (BCEP) Scholars Program is designed to support incoming SOE freshman or transfer students who are dedicated to serving the Black community via education upon graduation from UCR. The goal is to provide BCEP Scholars with financial and mentoring support from their first year, or transfer year, all the way through their master’s program in education at UCR. BCEP Scholars will be committed to serving communities across the Inland Empire and/or California.  

    •    Must be an incoming first-year or transfer student majoring in education.
    •    Desire to serve the Black community via education and support the development and success of Black students.
    •    Aspire to become teachers, leaders, ethnic studies teachers, school psychologists, higher education professionals, education policy advocates, special education professionals, researchers, and more. 
    •    Scholars will receive a $2,000 scholarship evenly split across their first and second years at UCR. 
    •    Scholars will join a cohort supported by SOE Undergraduate major programs.    
    •    Scholars will attend quarterly cohort meetings and receive professional development, mentorship. 
    •    Scholars will be supported to apply to the FIERCE Scholars Program between their sophomore and junior years. 

    To learn more about BCEP, click here.
    Fill out this interest form and one of our advisors will be in touch with you about next steps. FORM

Transfer FAQ's

  • How long will it take to complete the degree after I transfer to UCR?
    It typically takes transfer students 1.5-2 years to complete the degree.  The time to degree completion will depend upon courses completed prior to transfer, prerequisite completion and course offerings of the major.
  • Can I meet with an academic advisor now to discuss my schedule?
    We will assist you during your orientation dates.  Unfortunately, academic advisors are not available to meet with new transfer students until Highlander Orientation for Transfers.  
  • Is it possible to change majors once I transfer?
    It is difficult to change majors as a transfer student, as it takes several preparatory courses to be successful in a major.  It may be possible to change to your major, but it is not likely for majors that require a significant amount of preparation work.  
  • Is it possible to double major or minor?
    It depends on your preparation for the double major or minor entering UCR.  In many cases it is possible to add a minor depending on your completed work prior to entering UCR. If adding another major or minor extends the time to degree completion beyond an acceptable time, adding the extra major/minor may be denied.  There may be the opportunity to take some courses in your desired area of interest.  Discuss your options with your academic advisor after your virtual enrollment meeting.
  • Can I Work full-time/part-time while at UCR as an Education major?
    We do not recommend that students work more than 19 hours a week, as the schedule/classes for UCR students is demanding.  The expectation is for students to be enrolled full-time (at least 12 units; approx. 3 classes) each quarter.
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